10 Best Toys From Amazon

By Melissa

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click on a link and purchase an item we receive some diaper money at no additional cost to you. See our full disclosure here.

Maren saw her present (on the right) and said, “I think I got a scooter!” And then looked at Cohen’s on the left and said, “I think Cohen got a Pogo Stick!” 😂 Apparently she hasn’t seen a pogo stick or a tricycle before?

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click on a link and purchase an item we receive some diaper money at no additional cost to you. See our full disclosure here.

You guys, it is February 24th, which means that it’s been two whole months since I wrapped our gifts from the man up North in the most ridiculous ways. 🙂 It’s a fun tradition for me that I know most people think is absolutely bananas, but it makes me smile and my kids seem to enjoy it.

This was some of my finest work, I couldn’t get over how hilarious I thought this was.

ANYWAYYYY, since it has been two months since Christmas happened, we have a really good idea of what our kids are actually still playing with. I try to keep track of what gets the most use and play time, that way when we go to clean out and donate, it isn’t a struggle and we aren’t getting rid of Maren’s oh so precious LOL Doll. (I just wish I could roll my eyes harder than I currently am.) Also, it helps when shopping for next year or for other occasions to know what is going to be a hit and what’s a bit of a bust.

I know that we have ten months until next Christmas, but Philip and I tend to shop starting in the summer months when we might find good deals on certain things. Also, two of our kids have birthdays in the spring, another one at the end of summer, and apparently they like presents or some nonsense like that. We also keep a box of small toys up in our closet that we use for Easter baskets, friends’ birthdays, stockings, etc. and we try to get those things throughout the year as we happen upon clearance items or super sales. So on that thought, we decided to share now what we have found to be the ten best Amazon toys for our family, so you can use it whenever it comes in handy!

1. Stacking Cups

This seems too easy, but honestly, these stacking cups are the gift that keeps giving. I bought these as a small something to put in an Easter basket or as a birthday present and then didn’t end up giving them until Christmas. Let me tell you, they have been a hit! All three of my kids love to stack them and make towers, nest them inside each other, fill them up with tiny dinosaurs or put a car in each one, anything! I’m considering getting another set to use as bath toys or to use in a sensory bin. They are so simple and that is why they are so great. The kids can use their imaginations to make them what they want!


I was super leery to get into Legos a few years ago. Like aren’t they always everywhere? And don’t they hurt when you step on them? And will my kids actually like them and WANT to play with them? Much to my chagrin and also delight, the answer to all of those is YES! We started with a Duplo train set similar to this one that we found for a great price on Prime Day and it has been perfect. Cohen loves trains, so building tracks and pushing the button to make the train start is his very favorite. But there are also enough people, animals and other props that Maren loves building and playing pretend with them. And even at just 12 months, Jade was starting to enjoy putting the bricks together and pulling them apart, which is so good for development! Are they all over our toy room all the time? Of course! But I love that they all enjoy this one thing. I just wish that one of our children would freak out a little less every time her siblings “ruin” her creations. 🙂

3. Three Wheel Scooter

Winter and spring in Arizona is basically heaven on earth, so for Christmas, we often gift outside toys. A few years ago we found this perfect scooter for little kids to help them balance as they get used to riding something that is upright. A year or so later, I got Cohen a cheaper one that has one wheel on the front and two on back, and it has not been played with nearly as much since it is more difficult to balance. So we are sticking with the more useable and quality option! Bonus, this one comes in a billion colors and double bonus, the wheels light up!

4. Stuffed Kitty

When Maren was three, she had asked for a toy farm for Christmas. We ordered it and had it wrapped and ready to go, then three days before Christmas she was asked by an aunt what Santa was going to bring her. Without hesitation she said, “A toy purple kitty.” Wait, whaaaaaat? Amazon to the rescue! I literally just typed “purple kitty” into the search bar and was presented with this adorable kitty that has remained her favorite for the past three years. Now I’m not normally a huge fan of stuffed animals, but this one is small enough that it’s easy for her to carry around, doesn’t take up too much space, and really is kinda cute. So if you need a small stuffed animal to satisfy the wishes of a little kid but don’t want to have their room overrun by stuffies, then this is the cat for you.

5. Nesting Balls

This is similar to the stacking cups, but BETTER! I bought these nesting balls for Jade’s first birthday and Cohen basically took them over immediately. They can be stacked like the photo above, or nested into each other to save space. But the best part is that the pieces that are next to each other can also be snapped together to make balls! Such a fun option. And because they have numbers on them, Cohen loves to count and recount 1-10 and back again. I have been so pleasantly surprised with how much use these get.

6. Black Tricycle

We went into this past Christmas looking for more outdoor toys, specifically for Cohen. He isn’t typically super enthusiastic about putting a lot of physical effort into an activity, but we wanted to encourage him to be active. We started looking for a tricycle and we needed to find one that would be sturdy enough for him, since he’s bigger than a normal “beginner.” I scoured Amazon for options, read approximately one million reviews, and even googled Big Wheels to see if those still existed. I finally settled on this bike. You guys. It. Is. AMAZING. It’s super sturdy, is a little taller so his knees don’t hit the handlebars, has a bell(!!!) and with it being matte black, looks super dope. And ta-da, he loves it! It basically turns me into a pile of goo when he rides it or talks so lovingly about his “bicycle” (never a bike, always a bicycle). This bike is a legit slam dunk and we couldn’t be more thrilled with it. (Disclaimer from Philip, who assembled it on Christmas Eve, the directions left something to be desired. Which lead to a few steps that needed to be undone and then redone a second time.)

7. Paint by Sticker books

Do you need your kids to JUST BE QUIET for a little bit? These books will do the trick! We originally got them for a friend’s birthday, but quickly realized we needed them in our lives too! We have purchased the zoo animals variety, as well as the magical creatures one. Oh gosh, not just that but also the beautiful bugs one! Goodness, I didn’t realize we had tried so many! All of which have been a hit. And when Maren finishes one of the pictures, she thinks it is a masterpiece and loves to give them to people or put them on the fridge to display. These are also super helpful on road trips or airplane rides!

8. VTech kidizooom camera

Nothing like teaching your kids how to selfie at a young age, right? This little camera is so much fun. I had originally thought of getting Maren an Instax camera because they are so stinking cute, but the reality of buying more and more film for her to take semi-garbage pictures on was not exactly my idea of being frugal. So we got this digital one and she loves it. It has a screen on the back and a rear facing camera, perfect for selfies! It also has a voice record function where you can manipulate the voice after recording and she thinks it is the most hilarious thing ever. I’m pretty sure that once she watches Home Alone 2, we will have a little Kevin McAllister on our hands.

9. Plasma cars

Some of our good friends and neighbors have six awesome kids, and every time we would walk by their house, Maren would ask, “Can I ride one of their vehicles?” She wasn’t talking about their cars, but instead their plasma cars, razor scooters and all sorts of other fun little vehicles that they were always willing to share. So last Christmas we decided to up our game in the toy vehicle department and get these Plasma Cars! They are tons of fun, the kids all love to ride on them still, and they have held up well being outside 100% of the time.

10. Roller Coaster Car

This last one is the best of the best. I kid you not, this roller coaster will provide YEARS of entertainment!!! We have had this in our backyard for the past several years, and not only do our kids love to play on it, but any time friends come over, it is the first thing they want to play with! It is easy enough that kids under two can push the car up by themselves, and sturdy enough that big kids still play on it and it has held up like a champ. We were gifted ours as a hand-me-down from my sister and it is at least ten years old and it is still going strong as a fan favorite over here. There is also a smaller one that I have seen at friends’ houses and it is super cute and fun, but I feel like the bigger one gives it a longer lifespan since bigger kids can still use it well. So if you are looking for a bit of a splurge for your next holiday, look no further, you will be so happy with this!

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