2020 Goals Recap

Do you want to know something I’m really good at? Growing sweet potato vines. You wanna hear what I’m bad at? Almost everything else. Ha! But specifically for 2020, sticking to our goals.

Last year we made a list of five goals we wanted to accomplish. Ha. HA HA HA. Remember January of last year? Yeah, me neither. And what I do remember was pure bliss. Like a dummy, I was making goals about going on dates and stuff. 😂

Anyway, I thought it would be good to follow up on the goals we made, no matter how ridiculous they may seem now.

1. Grow our net worth by $75K

Check! This year we were able to max out Philip’s 401K, our HSA contributions, put most of my income straight into a Simple IRA, and pay extra on our mortgage principal. So we for sure put the work into increasing our net worth. However, part of our net worth is our home, and since the market value of our home fluctuates, we feel like it’s kind of tricky to judge how WE are doing with growing our net worth.

So yes, we did meet that goal, but for 2021 we will have more specific goals about different accounts that make up our net worth. Like, decrease the principal on our mortgage by a certain amount, or have our investment accounts increase by X, etc.

2. Have our blog make $100

Wellllllll, not so much. Back in January I had big dreams of affiliate marketing with a lot of different stores, credit cards and potentially even a partnership here or there. I mean, basically I was hoping that someone would sponsor a trip around the world for me, is that too much to ask?! 😉

So the trips and the millions of affiliate partnerships didn’t quite pan out, shocker huh? The only links that we get a commission from are when we link to Amazon. And that isn’t a bad thing, we are super grateful for it, but isn’t quite paying the bills (or even a single bill) yet. So we made a total of $30.83 from our Amazon affiliate link, and that’s it for the year! We did get some referral bonus points for credit cards that we linked to also, and that is certainly helpful too. But just to keep the blog up and running costs more than we made. So we will reset this goal and work on continuing to slowly grow.

3. Go on two dates a month

Lol lol lol lol lol. Nothing to add here. It didn’t happen.

Does going to the hospital count as a date? We were sans kids for about nine hours. 😂

4. Become Minimalists

We had meant to do minimalist challenges once a quarter, where in a month we get rid of 400ish items. And yeah, that didn’t happen either. We have certainly been decluttering and deep cleaning for the past month as Philip has been off, but didn’t do it throughout the year. We will have to reset this goal too!

5. Get Pregnant

Well look at that! One I can actually check off! And I might even put two check marks by it since I got SUUUUUPER pregnant. We are absolutely over the moon that we got pregnant with our twins and they are both here and thriving now! And I will also say that it is so nice to know that our family is VERY complete and we don’t ever have to get pregnant or go through IVF again!

6. 40% Savings Rate

Okay okay, so this one wasn’t on our official post of five goals, but it is a goal we shared on our very first monthly finance wrap up! We wanted to obtain a 40% savings rate each month for the year. I will be the first to admit I was skeptical. Like more than a little. However, with some good planning and some sacrifice, we hit 46.49% for the entire year! DID YOU READ THAT??? I didn’t even think we would be able to hit 40% and we blew past it! I just can’t get over how proud of us I am. Seriously, put it on my tombstone: “Bonkers savings rate in 2020,” because it might be a crowning accomplishment in my life!

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