2021 Goals

I figure if I wait until we are almost all the way through January, and we are still talking about goals, that means that we haven’t given up on them yet, right?? RIGHT??? That’s what I’m telling myself.

I also want to normalize (as if I have that much influence) not having all your crap together on January 1. Because for me, I was up to my elbows in painting my kitchen, a sick husband, and potty training my 2 year old that day. My goals were simply to not have poop or paint on me for an entire day. And there were a lot of days that I didn’t meet that goal. Yikes, it was a little rough.

So here we go, with our late January goal setting. We are excited about this year and hope that we can accomplish some bonkers good habits and goals.

1. Monthly House Projects

This one is going to be so fun! And so satisfying! We’ve been in a bit of a rut with the interior of our house. After doing our exterior remodel a couple years ago, we hit a giant pause button. Not only did we have decision fatigue, but we had also just spent a crap ton of money and needed to not feel poor for a bit.

So for this year, we are going to do a bit of a refresh on the inside of our house. We have been in our house for TEN YEARS now and really thought we would have tackled a few big projects by now. Uhhhh, not so. So this year, as we save for our big kitchen renovation, the goal is to not hate everything about the inside of our house. Does anyone else go through this? Where you are just so tired of staring at your same crap that you’ve been too cheap and lazy to change or do anything about? No? Just me? Cool cool.

So for us, some months (like this one as we finish our kitchen painting and updating) the projects will be a little bigger and more expensive. But we have plenty of little projects that need to be tackled too! So it might be changing the art in the toy room one month, organizing a linen closet in our bathroom, or maybe even building a new mantle for our fireplace. Those are just a few things on the punch list, and I figure if we work on one a month, it will help us slowly chip away at things.

2. 40% Savings Rate

We had this goal last year also and we were able to end the year with a 46% savings rate! Philip wanted to bump this number up to 50% for this year, but since I won’t be working much, I thought it best to keep it at 40%. So if we get as high as he would like, that’s fantastic. But if we are only able to get to 40%, I’m super happy about that too!

3. Grow this thing!

Last year when we started this here blog, I think our main goal was just to not quit. Actually, since we didn’t know that the year would be insane and went into it starry eyed and full of hope, our goal was to make $100 from the blog, which we fell far short on. This year, I’m being more realistic. I want to focus more on just growing our content so we can be a resource for people. And then as we grow our content, we can add more value for our readers. And as we add more value, we will be able to benefit more from affiliate links. So $100 for the year? Sure, that would be great too.

Not only are we wanting to grow our content, we are hoping to grow our Instagram account also. Would it be absolutely crazy to want to double our current number of followers? What about triple? I feel like we can do it! I recently asked on our Instagram stories what people are wanting to see or read, and I feel like we are on track, I just need to be more consistent.

4. 1,000 Outside Hours

I saw a friend of mine post on Instagram about spending one thousand hours outside this year, and link to an account dedicated to it! It. Is. Awesome. Not only does it inspire you to get your kids out of the house and out into the fresh air, but it gives so many facts and information about the benefits of being outside. Physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, it is so good for kids to be exploring outside.

I am ALL ABOUT THIS. I am always so thrilled when we have a whole day without screens. And while it doesn’t happen a ton, I feel like any efforts we make towards this goal will be beneficial. So we printed a chart that counts the hours towards the goal of 1000, and the kids love to see it get filled in.

5. Grow investments by $60K

Last year we made the goal to grow our net worth by $75K. Luckily we did, but part of that number included the appreciating value of our house. And since our home value fluctuates a bit, we decided that this year we wanted to instead measure how much WE were growing our accounts. While we know that our investment/retirement accounts will hopefully grow with the stock market, but still want to try to measure what we can control. So fingers crossed on this one! It will require us maxing out our 401K, HSA, and Roth IRAs, as well as contributing to our Vanguard investment accounts. It might be a bit of a sacrifice, but future Philip and Melissa will be so proud of us. They will want to give us a hug and a high five and a sporty pat on the bum. Good for us.

6. Have a baby

JOOOOOOOOOOOOOKE. Joke, joke, joke, joke, JOKE! Our goal for this year, and every year after this is to not have a baby! It sure is nice to have our family feel so complete. And also a little insane. And really full. But complete!

No, what this goal really is, is another year of trying to be minimalists. Every quarter I want to do a minimalist challenge, where each day for an entire month we get rid of the same number things as the day of the month. It usually equals out to be cleaning out 450-500 things for the month! I feel like this should should be relatively easy because as soon as the babies grow out of something, we can donate, sell or give them away! It will feel so nice to not hold on to things for future kids! First up on the list, who needs baby baths? Ha!

The best part?

I think my favorite thing about this list of goals this year, is that any progress is progress! If we don’t quite get to a 40% savings rate, you know what? We are still saving! If we only get house projects done on seven of the months, hot dog, that is still SEVEN improvements to our home! And even if she don’t spend the full 1000 hours outside, we will still have made a conscious effort to turn off our screens and explore. Everything is PROGRESS! And that’s what I’m all about this year.

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