About Growing in the Groves

Melissa and Philip Lindblom

Why would a couple thirty-something normals need or want to start a blog? Good question! It’s one that we considered for a long while. But ultimately it boils down to this, we are in our thirties doing normal things, but there are a lot of things about our life and being a grown up that have been a little less than normal for us. Or there are normal things that we’ve struggled with and we are trying to improve. And there are quite a few normal things that we didn’t know much about and want to share our experience with and help others that may not know either.

So here we are, Melissa and Philip, a dental hygienist and pharmacist, living in Mesa, Arizona and trying to grow.

We have three adorable and hilariously ornery kids and are hoping to add one more to the group through another round of IVF. 

We bought our house in the groves nine years ago and are endlessly working towards and dreaming of how to update the ugly parts and fix the breaking parts. 

We love to travel (especially with travel rewards!) and are dying to see the world, but have recognized that at this point in our lives, most of our family trips will revolve around the beach or Disneyland (not necessarily a bad thing!). 

We are working on our financial goals that will lead us down the path to FI, (Financial Independence, which we will be discussing A LOT) but sometimes get overwhelmed with what seems like slow progress.

And in our little bit of free time, Philip can be found killing it while mountain biking or catching up on his favorite shows, while Melissa prefers  stressing and obsessing over our lawn, flowers and plants, planning hypothetical future vacations, or fondly remembering the naps she used to get to take. Together we love to eat pizza, think of ways to make Christmas even more magical, and walk through our neighborhood and talk about how good we would be at being rich. 🙂 *Sigh* someday.

And add to all of this, now we blog! So join us as we learn, as we progress, and as we grow. 

Contact us at growinginthegroves@gmail.com or find us on Instagram or Twitter.