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It’s that time again! Amazon is having their sale on books and games where you can purchase three for the price of two. A lot of the books that I recommended last time they had this sale are on sale again, so check that post for more options! (My favorites are the illustrated Harry Potters, Press Here, Giraffes Can’t Dance, Mix It Up!, The Gruffalo, My Lucky Day, Book of Bones, and well, kind of all of them!)

Also, remember that when you check out, they will essentially erase the lowest priced item in the cart. So try to buy similar priced items and group them in threes. Like maybe I made four separate purchases, all of exactly three items. That way I could get four free books! Because we all know I NEEEEEEEDED more books.

So anyway, here are books and games that I either bought last time, or ordered this time, or already have, or currently want! Or if you want to go straight to the sale page and comb through everything or search something on your own, click here! There are some real gems this time around!

Little Readers

Grumpy Monkey – My kids got this from their favorite book-loving uncle last month and are OBSESSSSSSSED. So much so that this time around we ordered…

Grumpy Monkey Party Time – We have two kids with birthdays coming up, and I love to give books and love ones with a celebratory theme. I can’t wait to read this one!

Grumpy Monkey Party Time!: Lang, Suzanne, Lang, Max: 9780593118627: Books

The Monster at the end of this Book – This is a family favorite, and our last copy got trashed. I’m excited to have a new copy of this, and really love that it is so dang cheap.

DADA – Cutest little board book by Jimmy Fallon, who can do no wrong. This would be perfect for a baby shower, or a new dad, or even Father’s Day in a few months! (There is also a MAMA version of this book, but funny enough, it’s not part of the sale.) Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA (9781250071811): Fallon,  Jimmy, Ordóñez, Miguel: Books

Fancy Nancy and the Missing Easter Bunny – We have a very large Fancy Nancy fan over here, so this book is going in her Easter basket.

You Are Light – This book looks BEAUTIFUL. I love when kids’ books can equally delight and entertain adults also. I can’t wait to get our hands on this one!

You Are Light: Becker, Aaron, Becker, Aaron: 9781536201154:  Books

Diverse Books

Real quick: this is something that is SOOOO important to me. I think that we have amazing opportunities to introduce our children to other cultures and ethnicities and normalize differences when they are little. If we can celebrate and encourage them to love diversity, how wonderful would this be? I think it’s easy to say that we need to just teach our kids to “love one another,” but it can be difficult to love what you don’t know. So if we can familiarize our children with these differences, they will know WHAT and WHO they should love! Everyone! Anyway, here are a few books that I have seen rave reviews about that I ordered and I cannot wait to introduce into our home library and every day reading and conversations.

I Am Enough – A book about love. Loving yourself, who you are, respecting others and loving them too. I cannot wait to get this and memorize it and engrain it in my babies’ minds.

I Am Enough: Byers, Grace, Bobo, Keturah A.: 9780062667120:  Books

Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story – Celebrating families and traditions and food, all of my very favorites. I can’t think of anything better.

The Proudest Blue: A Story of Hijab and Family – This story is a best seller and I’m so exited to add it to our collection. And the story involves sisters and bullying and being brave and all the things that make me cry, be still my heart.

The Proudest Blue: A Story of Hijab and Family: Muhammad, Ibtihaj, Ali, S.  K., Aly, Hatem: 9780316519007: Books

Little Legends: Exceptional Men in Black History – We have the Bold Women version of this and it is PHENOMENAL. I can’t wait for my kids to get to read more about these exceptional humans that have accomplished so much! The Bold Women version of this isn’t part of the sale, but is randomly super cheap right now anyway, so snag it too!

Eyes that Kiss in the Corners – This book just came out a few months ago and I have seen nothing but wonderful things about it. Another book to celebrate beautiful differences and learning self-love. And holy beautiful illustrations. I definitely ordered it.

Eyes That Kiss in the Corners: Ho, Joanna, Ho, Dung: 9780062915627: Books

For Readers that Won’t Stop Reading

I Survived – Maren NEVER stops reading and this box set has ten books, each of which takes the reader through historical events in a way that engages and teaches. Soooooo, reading and learning history? Yes, sign us up.

The 50 States: Explore the USA with 50 fact filled maps – I’m not altogether certain whether this book is for my kids or for me. It has beautiful maps of each state with tons of facts and info about that state also. So maybe it’s basically like a kids’ atlas? Regardless, it is beautiful and I love it.

Minecraft Volume 1: Graphic Novel – Maren is suuuuuuuper into Minecraft these days (cue my eyes rolling so hard they get stuck that way), and she loves to read all about it. In fact, she might already have this book. But since I often tune out when she is giving me a play by play of EVERY last detail of Minecraft books and what she wants to build next and on and on and on, I really don’t know what she has and what she doesn’t. So we’ll stick this in her Easter basket and let her complain to the Easter Bunny if it’s a duplicate. But if not, then hey! She’s reading!

Kids’ Development Books

It’s Not the Stork – We got this a few months ago so that we know how to talk to our kids about sex and bodies and all of those fun things. I haven’t read it all the way through, but it has excellent information and illustrations that are informative without being too graphic. Highly recommend!

It's Not the Stork!: A Book About Girls, Boys, Babies, Bodies, Families and  Friends (The Family Library): Harris, Robie H., Emberley, Michael:  9780763633318: Books

The Care and Keeping of You – This book is from the American Girl company and I have heard of it from several different people. We borrowed a copy from a family member and it looks like it will be an excellent resource as we dive into all the potentially awkward and terrifying and amazing and hilarious sex talks. And I figure, the more help we have, the better!


Kinetic Sand – Okay, I know this isn’t a game but I just ordered a 2 lb bag of purple for my purple-loving son’s birthday that is coming up. It could also be fun for an Easter basket! Usually the little containers of these are like $2 each, and this was less than $9 for a huge bag! They also have rainbow sets (but let’s face it, that crap would get mixed up so quick at my house), scented ice cream sets, and sets with tools and construction vehicles that are darling. But I just went with the basic big bag and I’m excited about it. Bring on the sensory bins! Kinetic Sand The Original Moldable Sensory Play Sand, Purple, 2  Pounds: Toys & Games

Smart A** – This game is one we’ve owned and LOVED for years! It is a trivia game to show how much of a smart ace you are. But the best part…it’s short! You can get through an entire game and actually want to play again right away! We have quite a few fond favorite family memories playing this game, one of which is me completely butchering the word “Gibraltar” and having no idea what it even was. I’s the most smartest. Obviously.

Clue Master Detective – You guys, I haven’t seen this in years, but I have thought about and wanted it on more than a few occasions! It is just like the original amazing Clue, BUT! There are MORE ROOMS!!! The game board is amazing and there’s even a fountain…I mean, how perfect would it be to find a lead pipe in the fountain?? I want it. Bad. Winning Moves Games Clue Master Detective - Board Game,  Multi-Colored: Toys & Games

Exploding Kittens – This game has exploded with popularity over the last few years! We love it because while it is simple enough that kids can play, you can also add in some strategy to make it more competitive and enjoyable. It does not disappoint! Exploding Kittens Card Game - Family-Friendly Party Games -  Card Games for Adults, Teens & Kids: Toys & Games

Code Names – Is it insane that we have seriously all of these games?? This one is so much fun for a group and allows you to get creative. We played it with friends and then immediately bought it for ourselves. They also have a Disney version that we gifted to our Disney loving sister for Christmas! It is so dang cute. Either version is an absolute win!

Ticket to Ride – This is another family favorite. We have the original and also got the junior version for our kids for Christmas this year! There are like 450 versions of this that include different areas of the world, but the original is great and fun for everyone. My little kids loooooooove to line up the little train cars since they are too young to play and follow along with the rules. And we just love to play.

Ticket To Ride Board Game : Target

Qwixx – This is one that I just ordered! We’ve played it with family and it’s like a shorter version of Yahtzee. Super quick and fun little dice game. And it’s super cheap!

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