Amazon Book Sale!

It’s that time of year again where Amazon does a 3 for 2 sale! Otherwise known as the time of year when I accidentally place four separate book orders to “get a deal.” (I’m willing to bet that Philip feels my logic on a deal here is very flawed.) So, here are my favorites and a few things that I ordered this time around.

And remember, as you order things, it is best to place orders of groups of three, making sure they are similarly priced. The cheapest item of the three things will be free. So don’t buy a $25 item, a $10 item and a $3 all in one transaction, you know? Make sense?

Board Books and Picture Books

Not a Box – This one is new to us and we love it! It shows the imagination of a bunny who is making a box into anything BUT a box.

My Favorite Color – Is it weird that I might want to keep this for myself? It is seriously the prettiest book and if I didn’t know just how much my kids would love it, I would steal it. The squares are a sheer material and it allows the colors to blend on the different pages so beautifully. Obsessed.

Dragons Love Tacos – Always a winner. My kids crack up at it every time.

We’re Different, We’re the Same – Only like my family’s favorite book of all times. A friend recommended this to us years ago and we are big fans. My kids like to point to kids on each page and say which ones they are, and only once did my three year old point to Big Bird and say, “Mom, that’s you!” But really, I just bought three of these to give as shower gifts. It’s just the best.

Go Away Big Green Monster – another family favorite. It has cutouts on each page that basically builds the Big Green Monster. I love creative pages.

Jabari Jumps – This one is so so cute and so good! I’m saving it for Christmas and know my kids will love it!

Press Here, Mix it Up!, and Let’s Play! – These are all interactive books that are so so fun. You press on colors, rub them gently, turn the book to make dots shift, all sorts of things. My kids have loved these and so do I.

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns – A friend let us borrow this months ago and it has been in my shopping cart ever since. It is so lovely and introduces so many Muslim traditions and cultural activities and objects. It also has a glossary at the end with a pronunciation guide to better help the readers know and understand what’s in the book. Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors (A  Muslim Book Of Concepts): 9780811879057: Khan, Hena, Amini, Mehrdokht: Books

I Am Enough – I know I included this last time, but it is such a good one, and it was one of the most popular books that I listed!

Older Readers

Whatever After Series – Maren got these as a gift and has read and reread them time and again. This box set is for the first six, and the others we have checked out from the library and are slowly acquiring.

Fairest of All (Whatever After #1) (1): Mlynowski, Sarah: 9780545485715: Books

Calvin and Hobbes – Volume 1 and of course the one I remember from my childhood Calvin and Hobbes: Something Under the Bed is Drooling – My parents gifted us the complete box set of EVERY Calvin and Hobbes last Christmas and my kids have spent HOURS pouring over them. And as Maren rereads them, she understands more of the jokes and ridiculous vocabulary that Calvin uses so they are enjoyable all over again.

The Wild Robot and the sequel The Wild Robot Escapes – These are fun books to read or listen to as audiobooks.

Emily Windsnap Series – We borrowed these books from a neighbor and have loved them! Perfect for any sea and mermaid loving reader.

Roller Girl – Maybe I introduced this to Maren because I wanted to get her roller skates for Christmas? And it worked! She loved the book and will be blown away when she opens her skates!

And I know I’ve mentioned them in the past, but I love Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Illustrated Edition, as well as the second, third and fourth. These were some of my favorite things to order from this sale because it is such a screaming deal to bundle them!

Thanksgiving Books

Fry Bread – The story, the traditions, the illustrations…they’re all so good. I read it to my kids just today and totally cried. Less about Thanksgiving and more about celebrating Native American culture and traditions. I love it.

One is a Feast for Mouse – Cute little story that talks about the Thanksgiving meal. It reminds me a lot of The Napping House, where things kind of build, but I liked the traditional meal that it displays.

Balloons over Broadway – I ordered this but it won’t be delivered until the week of Thanksgiving, dang it! I’m excited, I think it looks darling.

We Are Grateful – This one is lovely, a little slow, but focuses a lot on the Native Americans and their traditions again.

Squanto’s Journey – This one is definitely for a more mature reader, even though it is formatted like a picture book. It has a lot of information about Squanto’s early experiences with white settlers and it doesn’t hide the fact that he and his people were mistreated. I think it is good for my kids to have this perspective so they can be more culturally aware and sensitive to those that don’t celebrate Thanksgiving the way they do.

Games and Toys

Sequence – I love getting games that my kids can enjoy and I think they are finally getting to be old enough that we can get this one!

Qwixx – This is another fun game that I listed last time but was a hot item! Fun little Yahtzee type game.

Anomia – We have loved this game! We played it with our friends once and immediately ordered it. Kind of trivia, but also just being able to think quickly. It’s a hit to play with a group!

Slinky 3 pack – Does anybody else’s kids think that slinkies are the best things on earth? But then they get tangled approximately 37 seconds after they open them? Cool cool cool, just mine? Well if you wanted a back up slinky or two, or just need something to throw in kids stockings, I thought this 3 pack of them would be perfect for that!

Kinetic Sand – I love love love kinetic sand. And I won’t stop buying it when it’s on sale. There were several colors that were a part of the 3 for 2 sale, so I’m buying ones that will mix well with what we already have.

Ticket to Ride – First Journey – This is the one we have! It is perfect for learning to play the game, but not so simple that it’s not enjoyable. Our kids love lining up the little trains while we play, and I love them getting a grasp on geography. And bonus, our 5 year old now really wants to visit Albuquerque. Not New York, Chicago, or Orlando. But Albuquerque. Cool. 🙂

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