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It is no secret or surprise to our kids when their gifts for holidays and birthdays come in the form of books. We love to gift them to our own kids, have them on hand for birthdays and baby showers, stick them in Easter baskets and stockings, anything!

So even though the Amazon Prime Day sale is over, their book sale is not! Right now a lot of books are BUY TWO, GET ONE FREE!

If you are wanting to get ahead on stocking up for gifts, or being ready for holidays, or you just want to refresh the bookcase, now’s the time!

One tip though: when buying them, make your orders be groups of three similar priced books if you are buying a lot. They will charge you for the two most expensive ones, then the cheapest one is free. So it wouldn’t make as much sense to buy a $30 book, an $18 and a $5, because you’d only save the $5. Instead, try to do multiple orders or similar priced items. Like Harry Potter Illustrated books 1-3 in one order, then a completely separate transaction that has board books or sticker books that all are in the $5-10 range. Ya feel me?


Dear Zoo – cutest little lift the flap book. A great one to give at baby showers.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom – we are on our second one because the first got so worn and so loved!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear – another perfect classic!

Goodnight Moon – I’ve got this one memorized because we read it so much.

Press Here – this book is delightful! Such a cute interactive book, my kids have adored this one and it keeps them quiet if needs be!

Peeka Who, Peeka Moo and Peeka Zoo – These books get A LOT of love at our house.

Giraffe’s Can’t Dance – I LOVE this book! And it might make you cry every time you read it if you are a giant baby like me.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar – best pictures ever.

I Love You Stinky Face – another darling one that makes me cry.

Mix It Up! – Fun and interactive, all about color blending.

Books for Older Toddlers and Younger Kids

Go Away Big Green Monster! – I legit need to order myself a new one of these because ours has been read MANY times and is shredding!

Arnie the Donut – It’s a silly little story, but be warned that it has a lot of words on each page, so not a quick bedtime book.

The Book With No Pictures – this is THE BEST read aloud!

The Day the Crayons Quit – a very favorite! (Though I’ll admit I don’t love the sequel, mainly because it has loose parts that are always all over the toy room.)

The Gruffalo – I love children’s books with clever little characters and plot lines.

The Gruffalo’s Child – This is definitely on my list to order!

My Lucky Day – another silly but clever story. All three of my big kids still love it!

Elephant and Piggie books – you can’t go wrong with almost any of them!

You Matter – Such a beautiful book about inclusivity by an insanely talented Black author and illustrator, Christian Robinson

Books for Readers

Book of Bones – I JUST bought this last week, not on sale! Recommended by my teacher cousin, it is perfect for a older kid with a Halloween-y feel.

P is for Pterodactyl – I fell in love with this one last year, it is very silly and would be a perfect read aloud for early reader/spellers. It showcases words like pterodactyl, czar, knot and gnat. Delightful.

Harry Potter Illustrated editions 1, 2, and 3. – Have you seen these illustrated versions? They are beautiful! But they are also pricey! Buy two and get one free might be the best deal you’ll find on them! Also, #4 isn’t part of the sale, but there is a clickable coupon right now that makes it a little more palatable!

A is for Awesome – So cute and so inspirational about powerful women in history.

Halloween Books

Book of Bones – like I said before, not Halloween per se, but the skeletons and black and orange cover can pretend.

Even Monsters Need Haircuts – we don’t own this YET, but I had a hard time not justifying it with my other purchase of Halloween books!

Halloween Night – looks a little creepy, but is a funny and spooky little story.

10 Trick or Treaters – my kids are obsessed. Numbers and candy? Yes please.

Room on the Broom – this is the first year we had this and I can’t believe how much my kids love it!

Creepy Pair of Underwear – I haven’t bought this but I’ve heard rave reviews!

Sticker Books

Paint by Sticker Kids Halloween and Christmas varieties – you know my love for sticker books is strong, and now we have holiday versions!

Melissa and Doug Sticker Mosaics – a little simpler for kids that aren’t quite ready for 80 different teeny tiny stickers.

Paint by Sticker Kids Dinosaurs – perfect for your dino lover or to keep on hand.

Paint by Sticker Kids Original – again, a perfect gift or to keep kids quiet for a minute!

Sticker by Letter books – a little better for the early sticker-er.

Paint by Sticker for ADULTS! – These versions are a little trickier than the ones for kids, and would be great for older kids or for you when you need to turn off your brain for a minute. They have several, the birds, dogs, cats and masterpieces are on sale, other are not. Make sure to check!


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