First Friday Finances for February

Hi February! You were boring for our finances, which is good! So let’s get started discussing…

Personal Finances

This month our income was pretty typical. We didn’t have any stimulus deposits, bonuses or tax returns. All we had was Philip’s two normal pay period deposits and $52.57 from Rakuten. Which can we stop and talk about that for a minute? We have a blog post on it, but look! Over fifty bucks for shopping through an app? Philip had a referral that boosted his number up, but the rest of that was just our normal shopping over the last three months. FREE MONEY! Okay, back to our income. Philip realized this month that on the months that he gets paid twice and we don’t have any other income sources, that just our 401K, HSA and mortgage principal puts us at a 42% savings rate! Not too shabby!

Budget Items

The only thing that was a bit of a budget buster this month was our vehicles. We had to pay our six month premium for our auto insurance, needed an oil change on the car, and Philip ordered a hitch to be put on our van. Normally we spent like $70 on gas in a month and this month our budget was more than ten times that. Can you imagine if we had a car payment too? That would put that category through the roof! I’ll say it a million times, I LOVE not having car payments. They just make me so grumpy and it’s nice to not have that monthly expense on top of other things that come up.

I suppose we are still working on the kitchen and had some expenses there. But it was just a bunch of little purchases that added up, nothing big and fun. I’m really crossing my fingers that THIS will be the month that I actually finish our kitchen!

We also randomly came in under budget for groceries, DESPITE paying $100 just for formula! Luckily these sweet babies thrive on it and are getting so so big!

Blog Income

Easy peasy, this was zero again. I had a lot of clicks on recommended Amazon products, but nothing that stuck that we earned commissions for. I also decided that the ads were super annoying to navigate around, so I had Philip take those down. Maybe in the future I’ll slowly add them back in in some small and less noticeable areas, but for now, they were making me annoyed, and I don’t want any of you to feel that when looking here, so I am done with them for a bit.

Looking Forward

March should be exciting! We filed our taxes in February and will be getting a tax return, hopefully in the first couple weeks of March! And by that, I clearly mean that I’m already checking my bank account daily to see if the direct deposit is pending yet. 🙂 I looooooooove getting money back, which I know isn’t necessarily what a lot of people in the financial independence community think is smart, but for us, it’s awesome! So we should hopefully be able to put a good chunk of that into retirement accounts, and maybe splurge on a new $30 pair of Levi’s. Oh wait, I already did that.

We are also hoping to start traveling a little bit in the coming months, so we will start budgeting for trips and vacations a bit more in March and beyond. And honestly, I just CANNOT wait for that!

Wrap Up

I felt like February was really tame and rather lame. Maybe I’m still coming off holiday high spending, but I felt like there wasn’t much excitement in our financial month. Anyway, another boring month in the books, but I’m just so proud of us for sticking with a high savings rate for another month!

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