First Friday Finances for October

Man! What a month, what a month! We obviously had a bit of a wild month on the family front, adding two babies to our family. But with those two babies came so much sweetness and love and exhaustion and financial obligations. 😂 So, let’s get into it.

Our Personal Finances

I’m not going to lie, I was a little stressed about how the numbers would shake out this month. I didn’t have any income, but one thing I hadn’t initially thought about was that it was a THREE PAY PERIOD MONTH! If you get paid every two weeks, you know this excitement. Twice a year we will have months where we get paid three times instead of two. And October was one of our months! So that made our income increase, which meant that we still haven’t felt much of a difference financially since I stopped working. We didn’t have the automatic savings of my Simple IRA though, so we saw our savings rate dip. Because of that, Philip transferred a few hundred dollars at the end of the month to our savings account, just to get us to the 40% benchmark that we like. Hooray!

Budget Items

The only category we went over budget on this month was our miscellaneous and gifts section. I’ll blame it on upcoming holidays, but honestly I’d rather space it all out a bit rather than having the stress of paying for everything in December! Also, having Amazon Prime day made it so that I spent a bit more on books and some other odds and ends, as well as my favorite eyebrow pencil that was on sale that I stocked up and bought three of. It didn’t put us over budget in the hygiene category, but I was close.

The category that surprised me was our medical, and it is for the weirdest reason. In the past when I have checked into the hospital to have babies, we pay a copay. Like before they let me into triage, they are verifying my insurance and swiping my card. This time, I got there, they pulled up the info they already had on file, and sent me on back! Now I know that I had already met my deductible, but I for sure thought I’d need to pay a couple hundred dollars to meet my out of pocket max. But nope! Unfortunately, our sweet Anders spent a few days in the NICU, so I know that we will be getting billed for his care once it goes through the insurance. So for the next couple months I will budget more for our medical care as bills start rolling in.

Blog Income

YOU GUYS! We have a new contender for the most popular item to be ordered through our Amazon links! Thank you to Prime Day deals, a few of you snagged this eyelash serum. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for using my link! Because of several of you ordering that and a few other things, we made $14.49 from our Amazon affiliate links! That is the highest we ever have had! Honestly, it was such a delight to see that you guys trusted my recommendation and ordered it. I hope that you guys are so happy with how lovely your lashes are looking too! 😘

The bad thing that offsets this trying-to-make-money-by-blogging venture, is that we had to renew our blog hosting fee, which was much, much more than we’ve made from any eyelash serum. But! We are in this for the long haul, and will hopefully gain some upward momentum in the next year before we have to renew it again.

Also, I need to high five those of you that were able to take advantage of the Chase Sapphire increased sign on bonus! I’m so excited for you to get started with it! And thank you thank you thank you for using my link! I was able to get two referral bonuses that will help as we move forward with finding great deals on travel to share with you!

Looking Forward

November should be great! And probably kind of expensive. I trying to have most things bought and ordered in November, including Christmas cards, new stockings for the babies, gifts for Philip’s coworkers, etc. So hopefully we’ve done enough prep prior to this that it won’t be too too bad this month. However, I did just buy a crap ton of stuff from the Amazon book sale too, whoopsies!

We also will be renewing our annual Mint Mobile contract this month for both mine and Philip’s phones. So while it will be a few hundred dollars this month which is kinda hard to swallow, we also only pay that once a year! We used to pay close to $150 EVERY MONTH! It has been so nice to have one less monthly expense to worry about! Read about it here.

And remember back in June when we had photos taken of our big kids? Well, we had newborn photos taken of our babies at the end of last month and just got them back this weekend. You guys, do yourselves a favor and get newborn photos! They are so so precious and I want to send our photographer all of my money to thank her for these sweet memories! I’ll show you a sneak peek so you can swoon with me.

Wrap Up

October was another boring month of finances. Like I had said, I’m thrilled that we had some extra income with the third pay period, but it isn’t like we did anything fun with it. Unless you count saving as fun? Haha, we actually do, aren’t we silly? I am so thrilled we got to 40% and as we get closer to the end of the year, I am excited to see what our annual savings rate will be! Happy November friends, it’s the best tie of year!

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