Five Goals in 2020

By Melissa

With us being well into January, we thought it a good time to talk about goals for the year. Right on schedule. 🙄 No but really, for most people, the goals they thought of and maybe even wrote down, have pretty much gone out the window by now. In fact, according to Strava, an app used to track exercise, most people’s goals take a nose dive on about January 12th. Anyway, all this is to say that we are late about posting our goals, but it’s okay, because at least we are still working on them! And honestly, if I think of a new goal in February, I’ll probably add it to the list and work on it also. Goals don’t have to be just for January 1st. 

So we have five main goals for the year as a team. Philip and I each have some individual things we are working on also, but these five are the ones that we will work on together and keep checking in on our progress.

1. Grow our net worth by $75,000.

This seems a little crazy to me, but when I look at the math, it seems a little more doable. Just our 401k, Simple IRA, HSA and mortgage principal contributions will make up almost $50k of it. Then hopefully our current accounts that we’ve already invested will continue to grow. Then add in any amount that we are able to save on top of those, and hopefully by December 31, 2020, we will have magically made it to our goal. It sounds lofty, but it is definitely a good thing to work towards. And honestly, even if we don’t make it to our goal, if we get to $65,000, that is a ton of freaking money! We haven’t always been good at maxing our our retirement options, so just doing that is an amazing opportunity.

2. Have this blog make $100 this year.

Now on the heels of saying we want to save thousands and thousands of dollars, $100 doesn’t seem like too much, right? Hopefully right! 😬 As much as I enjoy writing this little blog, sharing our experiences, hopefully helping others and having a project to work on with Philip, I would love nothing more than for this to generate a little bit of income. And while I’m definitely not trying to be the next millionaire blogging empire, a little growth would be great. And it would help me justify the amount of time that I want to devote to writing and researching allllllll the things in my little brain! That being said, thanks for being with us as we grow. As we experiment with affiliate marketing. As we figure out side bar ads and basically as we learn how to use our computer for more than just bill paying and online shopping. One hundred bucks or bust! 

3. Go on at least two dates a month.

This goal was originally Philip’s idea and when he pitched it to me, I jumped on it immediately. In the last year, we have realized the importance of dates. Now I know that every other couple has already figured this out, but dates are awesome. For the longest time (approximately 5.5 years) we hardly ever went out. And if we did, it was usually with friends. I think it was my birthday last year that I realized we hadn’t been out alone together since our anniversary six months prior to that. We have a million excuses, usually leading with us being cheap and lazy, followed closely by crazy work schedules and feeling guilty about getting a babysitter when our kids already had babysitters while we both work, but as we have really tried to make it a priority, we realized that we neeeeeeeeed this. So here we are putting it out there, we want to go out twice a month. We have made our childcare budget just a smidge bigger to account for babysitters, we have crowdsourced our friends to come up with date activities, and we have made lists of places we want to eat or visit. It’s going to be the best year ever, I just know it! 

4. Become minimalists.

Yep, live in a two bedroom apartment with zero decorations and three articles of clothing each. Sounds good? Wait, no. That sounds terrible. As much as Philip would love to be a full blown minimalist, that just doesn’t work for our family. So after a couple years of arguing about just how many gift bags are actually necessary to keep until the end of time, we have landed somewhere in the middle of minimalism and wannabe hoarding. What does this actually mean and how does it translate to a goal? Well once a quarter, we will choose a month to exercise a minimalist challenge. In that month we will sort, clean out, organize and get rid of things. How many things? Here’s the fun. You get rid of things daily, and the number of things depends on the day of the month. So on the first, you get rid of one thing, on the second, two things, and so on. So by the end of the month you have rid your house and your mind if just under 500 things! We’ve done this once or twice before, and you would not believe how liberating it is! The first time Philip proposed it I scoffed thinking there is no way we had that many things to trash! But, guess what. It didn’t even make a dent. Think of how many broken crayons are in the craft bin, how many ugly gift bags are in your wrapping supplies, how many tiny medicine cups are in your medicine cupboard that inevitably come in every box of children’s Tylenol that you’ve ever bought? We had tonssssss of all of those things! Not to mention so many random broken toys, loads of weird and trashed shirts that we’ve felt compelled to keep, socks missing their mates, and so. much. more. So this year we are going to clean house. Literally and figuratively. 

5. Get pregnant

Wuuuuut. You heard it here first (though I highly doubt anyone is terribly surprised), we are hoping to add another little Lindblom to our home. But here’s the thing, we don’t get pregnant the fun way, we get pregnant the expensive way. So we are going to be doing another embryo transfer through IVF this year. And since we thought it could be interesting for people to see the expensive way to get pregnant, we are bringing you along for the ride! We are going to be sharing the ins and outs of this process on the blog and hope that it is helpful or at least interesting for you to read about!

And that’s it! They aren’t the most interesting goals, but we think that if we stick to them, it will make for an interesting year!

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