Get even better deals with Rakuten!

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You guys! You know we are all about cutting expenses wherever possible, right? This month, that means stocking up on things while they are on super sale and saving them for later. And today especially, we are loving Rakuten!

Right now the Rakuten sign on bonus is the best I’ve ever seen! If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, today is the perfect day to do it. Just for signing up and spending $40, you will get $40 back! Sign up here!

If you want a full breakdown of money making apps, see our post on it. But here is the 10 second version on Rakuten: if you shop online, you can get cash back. As long as you go to that retailer through the Rakuten app, you will get a percentage of your purchase back! The retailers reward Rakuten for sending people to their website, and then Rakuten passes along those rewards to you!

And here’s the real kicker, right now in addition to the $40 sign on bonus, a ton of retailers are offering 15% cash back on your purchase! FIFTEEN PERCENT! It’s INSANE! So we are talking $40 sign on bonus, 15% cash back at tons of your favorite online shopping sites, and today happens to be Cyber Monday, so you are already getting great deals!

For example: I just did some stocking up on our favorite basics from H&M. I bought eight summer dresses for my girls and eleven pairs of jeans (think every color/wash in as many sizes as they were available because their skinny jeans are unisex and work well for all my kids). With the store already offering 30% off for Cyber Monday, plus the 15% cash back I’ll be getting, these were a steal! After the discounts, the dresses are less than $3 each, and the jeans are $5.95! And that doesn’t even include a $40 sign on bonus since I’ve been using the app for years.

Here is the cash back I am getting just through two purchases made this weekend!

Have I talked you into it yet? You definitely should sign up TODAY! Here’s the link! (We would love it if you used our link so we can get a small commission and continue to work at bringing you deals. 😊)

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