Gifts for Mother’s Day!

Alright you guys, it’s that time of year again where us ladies decide that we do indeed want more than a thoughtful card for Mother’s Day! I mean, I love love love the thoughtful card. So much. But I’ll also be the first to admit that I like presents too. Even if I buy it myself (definitely the case this year), it’s nice to have pretty things.

So without further adieu, here are a few things that you can order this week and will still get to you by Sunday! I broke them up into two categories, since these are both categories that feel like a total splurge to me. Gift these things to yourself or any mother that you love!

Stuff for a Weekend Off…

As You Wish – This book is a DELIGHT. If you grew up watching The Princess Bride, this book will be a favorite in no time. I kid you not when I say that I laughed and cried, it was just so endearing. I listened to the audiobook (which might be even better since it is read by Wesley himself!), but if you need to give a gift to be opened, this is perfect.

Leather Weekender Bag – You guys, I’m obsessed with Weekender bags. I actually bought one for myself for Mother’s Day that is so similar to this one! No longer will I be the yahoo trekking through an airport with my bright blue Mesa Junior High cheer bag from 2000. I’m excited to look like a legit adult now!

Yoga Pants – Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a yoga pants expert. I know that people like to use the word “buttery” when talking about them but I have no idea what that actually means. These are the most expensive pair I’ve ever bought (at a whopping $28) but they really are great. Especially compared to the Ross ones I have and the three pack for $20 that I bought and returned. Super comfortable, have a pocket, great length. Highly recommend!

Joggers – I do know my way around a pair of joggers and these are dang comfortable. And they are $14! Perfect comfort and price!

Metal Straws – Philip got these for me last year and have used them almost daily! They are wide enough for a smoothie, and I love that the metal stays cold! I feel like it is such a luxury to drink with these, whether it be my smoothie or my daily Diet Pepsi.

Home Stuff to Feel Fancy…

Coffee Table Books – I love coffee table books and actually bought Discovering Dahlias for my mom and am eyeing A Year in Flowers: Designing Gorgeous Arrangements! They are BEAUTIFUL. Like, can you even with that truck full??? The Floret farms are featured on the Magnolia Network and for good reason! Their flowers are beautiful and it shows in these books.

Discovering Dahlias - Floret Flowers

Hobnail Ceramic Planter Pots – The real question here is how many ceramic pots can I reasonably buy? These are darling and come in bunches of colors and would be such a fun little gift with a pothos or snake plant stuck in them!

Wooden handle scrub brushes – Did anyone else’s mom ask for new rubber spatulas as gifts growing up? This feels a little bit like that, but these wooden scrub brushes really are so cute and make you feel a smidge fancy while scrubbing dishes!

Pancake Batter Mixer – My kids legit have no clue that pancakes are a breakfast food because we make A LOT of them over here. This batter mixer bottle has a wire whisk ball inside so you can mix and squirt it onto the griddle all with one tool! I’ve heard rave reviews on this and am dying to try it myself!

Cuisinart griddler – And where do we cook those bazillions of pancakes? On our griddler. Years ago I asked for a panini press so I could make myself fancy sandwiches. And boy did Philip deliver! Fast forward seven years and I have yet to make paninis on it, but use it for pancakes at least weekly! IT is so nice that it folds up and fits well under the cupboard. And one of these days when I finally make myself a brie, apple, fig panini, I’m sure it will be amazing on this too. 🙂

But honestly, a card always wins.

I said it earlier, but I love a nice card from Philip. I think my love language is words of affirmation or something. And gifts. And touch. Isn’t service one? Yeah, I like that too. And while we’re at it I’ll take some quality time. 🙂 But honestly, I always love the cards that Philip writes for me best! So don’t feel stressed about buying just the right thing, because cards are always appreciated! Happy Mother’s Day, friends!

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