I’m So Very Pregnant

By Melissa

32 weeks. Look how far we’ve come! I am 32 weeks pregnant with twins and man alive, I am feeling it! I’ve had a few people ask how I’m doing (what sweethearts) so I thought I’d answer for the world to read. 

How am I feeling?

Physically? Like I’ve run a marathon every day and night. (Actually I’ve never run so much as a 5K, so I have no idea what a marathon would feel like. 😂) But I can tell you, it feels like I have a bowling ball hanging off my abdomen. My back hurts most of the time, even after sitting or laying down. The round ligament pain manifests itself as stabbing pain on the bottom corners of my belly, and cramps up for long periods of time. My ankles are swelling, some days more than others, and it makes them feel bruised at all times. Which also makes it hurt to walk first thing in the morning. Same goes for my hands, my joints are swelling so my hands hurt. My neck has had a weird kink in it for the past couple weeks also. Last week I woke up and had the thought, “I’m pretty sure the only thing that doesn’t hurt right now is my arms.” It’s so crazy how this affects almost every part of my body!

I kind of can’t stop laughing at this picture that Philip captured of my true feelings before I was ready to smile and act like I am loving this stage of pregnancy.

Mentally? I’m doing alright! I honestly don’t have a ton of time to sit and stew about all of the things (like writing this and thinking about this pregnancy is maybe a little therapeutic for me). I do feel moderately stressed, but it has less to do with growing two babies and more to do with my three other kids. It has to do with the pandemic. And schooling for my kids. Oh, politics? Yes yes, throw that in too. And for good measure, we can sprinkle some financials on top. Wait, you want me to think about having two babies? Sure! I’m sure I can fit that in my brain somewhere. 😂 It’s a weird time to be alive. And a really weird time to be super pregnant with twins. 

Is it different than single pregnancies?

Yes and no! I felt like I was more sick at the beginning than with my previous three pregnancies. And then the second trimester felt about the same. But once I hit 24-25 weeks and I started slowing down a bit. And goodness, I was growing EXPONENTIALLY FASTER than I had previously. So here I am at 32 weeks, feeling like I’m 55 weeks pregnant. Like really, I thought it would feel similar to the others but just faster. And while that is true, I just am now at the point where I feel MASSIVE and everything hurts (see above paragraph). But every day I wake up and I think, “One day closer to never being pregnant again!”

I’m also getting a few of the same feelings that I had when I had preeclampsia with Cohen, but I’ve made sure to let my doctor know and my blood pressure has been good, so we will see! With Cohen my blood pressure kinda spiked out of nowhere, and I ended up being induced at 36 weeks. Honestly, I would not be sad to be done that early this time also! But yeah, remember that swelling I was talking about? It was like this when pregnant with Cohen too!

How much weight have I gained?

I know nobody would ask this out loud, but when I was first pregnant, I was so curious as to what to expect with twins! So I thought I’d share. So far, I’ve gained right about 35 pounds. With my girls I hovered between 35-40 lbs gained. Cohen’s pregnancy was about 45 and I’m nearly positive that the extra 10 was in my feet and ankles. It was rough. So I feel like I’m on track to be full term right now. But I could also have another 6 weeks, and if that’s the case, I anticipate basically quadrupling my weight because I just want to eat all. the. time. 😂

I also haven’t gotten any stretch marks…yet. I will attribute this one straight to genetics because neither my mom nor sisters got stretch marks on their bellies while pregnant either. So I haven’t had any with the others, but of course on my last pregnancy with me getting larger than ever before, it would just be par for the course to get tons in the last week. Fingers crossed that my skin will stretch as much as my dresses do!

What additional monitoring have we or will we be doing?

When I was first pregnant I was nervous that my OB  would treat me like an actual dinosaur giving birth since I’m technically “advanced maternal age.” However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised that everything seems about the same! I have been having ultrasounds every month, which is fun to see them grow. My one from this morning went great, it is so hard to get good pictures of them now because they are so squished in there, so if you can see a cute little profile, chances are there are three legs in front of it!

3D ultrasound from this morning, Baby A hiding behind his arm.

I only have one more ultrasound scheduled at 36 weeks but I’m really hoping I get to cancel it because I’ll have babies outside of my belly by then! Which would also eliminate the need for the nonstress tests that I’ll need to do twice a week once I’m 36 weeks to check the babies’ growth and such.

I also had to do my glucose test at two different points. The first at 20ish weeks, the second at 30ish weeks. And the second time around, I didn’t pass, so I had to do the 3 hour one! It was not my favorite, but thankfully, I passed that one.

Do we know when I’ll deliver? And how?

Nope and nope. Like I said before, I’d love to be just a smidge early. Like far enough along that they are a good size and pretty healthy, but a teeny bit earlier than the 38 week mark that my doctor has set for induction.

As for type of delivery, Baby A is head down which means I could potentially deliver vaginally. However, Baby B is still breech, and we don’t know if he will flip. Regardless, it will be in an operating room so that things can be more closely monitored and they will have everything the need if complications arise.

3D ultrasound of Baby B, who is easier to see since his head is right next to my belly button.

Do we have names?

Uhhhh, kinda? We have a list of like 6ish that we keep bouncing around on. The other day Philip proposed a name that I would prefer as a middle name, and I semi-jokingly said, “You name one and I’ll name one.” To which he agreed reeeeeeeeally quickly and I immediately regretted saying it. Not that I think he would name our kid anything wonky, but it just made me nervous that was all on board having free reign of a name! I don’t know, I’m just a little bit too much of a control freak I guess.

To answer another common question though, we aren’t doing “twin names” if that makes sense. I mean, when I was like 10 I thought it would be fun to have twin boys and name them Travis and Trevor, but that was also the mid-’90s and I was 10. So no, we aren’t looking for alliteration or rhyming names, just names that we both like. Our boys are not identical since they are from two embryos, and we want them to feel like they have as much individuality as possible. (You know, for two kids that share a womb and will share a birthday and all sorts of life experiences.)

Am I still working? When will I go back?

Nope. Last week was my last week! I mentioned it before, but it is super bittersweet since I love my office and everyone I was lucky enough to work with. But it is for the best right now.

I had originally thought I could work through the end of September, but at the end of July when my body was starting to hurt at the end of every day, I realized that I just might break in half if I tried to work until 35 weeks. My boss very graciously agreed to let me move up my end date.

On top of leaving earlier than anticipated, I will not be returning after a three month maternity leave. I am not retiring from hygiene, I like it too much and there are so many benefits for me to be working. But I’m taking a year or so off. We don’t know what life with five kids is going to be like, and we felt it best to give myself and our family time to adjust together. Plus, how much dang money would I have to pay a babysitter to watch a hundred kids??? So we will give it a year, see where we end up at that point and reassess.

Any other random things I’d like to add?

Of course, thanks for asking. 🙂 One crazy thing about my body is that I carry my babies soooooo low. And this time with there being two of them, it makes my belly even lower and heavier! But the one thing about this that bothers me the most, is that aside from dresses, nothing is long enough to cover the bottom of my belly! Which means that I will often get a draft of air directly on my skin and then I panic that someone just saw the bottom of my big white belly. Yowza.

My kids have been troopers putting up with my limitations, but also they kind of just act like nothing has changed. Cohen’s favorite pillow is my giant belly, and he keeps asking me if it is getting smaller. Nope, buddy. I wish, but not yet.

As far as eating and cravings go, I mentioned on the last pregnancy post that I wasn’t craving sweets, just savory. Well, now I just want it all. So while I try to keep what I’m eating semi-healthy, it typically gets chased down with 2-3 bowls of cinnamon Life cereal each day. I wish I was joking, but I’m going through that stuff like it is water. I basically can just not ever stop eating. It’s great.

And now I might go pour myself a bowl or three of Life because I ate lunch two hours ago. TWO WHOLE HOURS! These little boys might come out craving cereal since they get it so often!

Now every one chant with me, THREE MORE WEEKS! THREE MORE WEEKS! Wouldn’t it be nice if I only had three more weeks? Fingers crossed I make it that far! And toes crossed that I don’t make it much further!

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