I’m Two Thirds Pregnant!

By Melissa

Philip used to work with another pharmacist that when counseling patients, would ask, “Are you pregnant at all?” We always thought it was a little humorous, because how do you answer that? Uhh, a little bit pregnant? Just kinda? So now that I’m well into this pregnancy, I like to say I’m 2/3 pregnant. 🙂

It’s like trying to fold over on a basketball and it’s not exactly comfortable.

Anyway, I’ve had a couple questions about how pregnancy is going so I thought it might be good to put it all in one spot! 

The Barfy Beginning

I started getting nauseated and barfy around six weeks, which is when we found out we were having twins! The nausea lasted until about 12 weeks, which is when I finally got to stop taking the estrogen and doing the progesterone shots (yay for officially being done with IVF!!!), but the barfs didn’t stop there. 😬

I explained it best when telling someone that it’s like there was this invisible meter in my stomach. If I got too hungry and the meter dipped too low, or too full and the meter went too high, I then vomited. The tricky thing was that I didn’t know where the gauge on the meter ever was. Until, that is, it was too late. I would be feeling pretty okay and then all of a sudden be starving and throw up. Or vice versa, I would be feeling good, eat a meal, and immediately go throw up everything I ate. It was not my favorite. Luckily that pretty much subsided at 16 or 17 weeks and I have felt pretty good since! 

It is kinda crazy though, because at my 16 week appointment I had only gained one pound so far, and at my 20 week appointment, I was up NINE pounds since the last check! And at my 24 week appointment, I was up ANOTHER TEN pounds! Clearly there’s something about being able to eat normal food that correlates with gaining weight? The first twelve weeks I survived on protein drinks (which are now so gross to me) and buttered toast. Now I am eating all the food ever, and it’s showing! 

20 weeks!

The Sexes

We have been dying to know what the sexes of our babies were since day one! Philip was really hoping for one boy and one girl. I just wanted NOT two girls.

At an early ultrasound around 15 weeks, the technician told me she was pretty confident that one was a boy. And the other she was unsure of. I was over the moon! Yay for Cohen to have a brother and me to have a teeny baby boy again! In the back of my mind, I kinda thought it might be two boys, but a small part of me wanted the other to be a girl so that Philip could get what he was hoping for. And also, because as far as names go, we only had one girl name picked out!

So in June, we happened to be having a little family gathering for my sister-in-law’s birthday, so I asked if it would be okay if we did a tiny gender reveal with all the family there. We have never done a party or anything like that before, but since Philip’s family would all be together anyway, we thought it might be fun. I had found two gender reveal balloons on clearance at Target months before, and it was fun to be able to share our exciting news in a colorful way! And TA DA!!! We are having two brothers! We are ecstatic about it!

At the 2/3 Point

I am currently 24.5 weeks pregnant, which I’m hoping means that I’m 2/3 the way done! I wonder if I will make it to 36 weeks pregnant? I’ve had my other babies at 37, then 36 and 39 weeks. So to make it that far would be great. But also, if my body was as early as it was for my first two (my third at 39 weeks was an induction because I was miserable and my doctor was nice), what in the world will it do with two babies in me? And HOW? So at this point I’m clueless. 

I will say though, although I’m only 24 weeks, I’m feeling 4-6 weeks bigger than that. I’m only measuring three weeks bigger, but it may as well be a hundred. Twin pregnancy is no joke! Not just my belly, but all the aches and pains that I’ve had before towards the end of pregnancy are popping up early. I carry my babies so low, so the bottom of my belly and my back are already not great. I’ve had insane round ligament pain that started early this time and hasn’t really let up. Luckily, I haven’t had a ton of swelling in my legs and ankles. I mean, for sure I’ll have marks from my socks on days that I work longer hours, but for the most part, not too bad. 

I asked my doctor at the beginning of my pregnancy how long he thought I would be able to work. He told me I would start feeling really tired at about 25-26 weeks. At first I panicked, thinking, “That’s in July!” That surely was much too early. And yet, here I am, starting to feel worn down after minimal effort. I still feel okay while I work, but I can tell that I will need to quit earlier than I initially thought.

The Unknown

Hi boys!

Ugh, there’s also a lot of unknown, which makes me bonkers. While this is my fourth pregnancy, I feel like I’m starting from scratch on several things. Like if I were having one baby, then I would kind of know what to plan for with delivery, breastfeeding, sleep training, maternity leave, etc. But this time? I have no clue! Oh, and COVID? Don’t even get me started! (And by that, I mean that I have a completely separate post written about it!) My delivery could be crazy early, there could be NICU time, it could likely be a c-section, they could have health concerns, they could wait and me need to be induced at 38 weeks, who the heck knows?! (But in all honesty, I hope I don’t get to 38 weeks. I think I might split open or die if I get that far. 😬 I know it’s dramatic, but seriously. I’d like small and healthy babies, is that too much to ask?) 

So the delivery I’ve given up on trying to figure out. We will just have to wait and see. Breastfeeding, good heavens, I’ve read so much and talked to twin moms and tried to research all the things, and think I’ve come to a solution on where I’ll end up. Sleep training? Kinda depends on when they come, but I’ll likely use the BabyWise book to help me again like I did with the other three. And maternity leave is looking more like quitting this time around. There was a lot of thought and consideration that went into the decision, but ultimately, Philip and I decided that it’s time for me to be home for a while. (I wish that making that decision was as easy as it was for me to type that sentence, because goodness, it was a hard pill to swallow.)

The Random Pregnancy Stuff

As far as cravings and such, this pregnancy has been similar to my others. I NEVER crave chocolate, sweets and treats, and even if there are treats on the table, I’d prefer savory. I have eaten a ridiculous amount of salads with so many toppings. Give me all the kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, pepperoncinis, cheese and vinegar. Mmmmm. My mouth is watering just thinking of it. Delicious. I also enjoy a fair amount of burritos, cheeseburgers and giant sandwiches, basically anything salty or savory is all I ever want. And I eat NONSTOP. Its kind of alarming that I feel hungry all the time, but it’s crazy how I go from slightly hungry to ravenous in about 20 seconds! If you want to be my favorite, bring me a bean and cheese burrito. Anytime. Day or night. I’ll eat it and be so happy about it.

We have a handful of names that we are cycling through, but nothing set in stone. Of course we had the hardest time naming Jade, our last baby, and this time, we had a few girl names we liked and one we would have definitely used. Whelp, too bad! So now we are trying to figure out how to come up with not two, but FOUR boy names so these babies can have middle names too! Naming kids is seriously one of the hardest things for us.

And lastly, I am in the process of redecorating what has been our nursery for the past seven years. We painted it pink before Maren was born and haven’t really touched it since, so it needed updating. Philip thought a coat of new paint should suffice, but I made a little deal with him that allowed me to do a new wall treatment and get some new furniture. Details on that deal and on the new nursery to follow. 😉

24 weeks!

The Last 1/3

I’m hoping that the next 12ish weeks flies by! But at the same time, that would mean that I would have FIVE kids soon? YIKES! And I still feel like there is so much we need to get done! I need to finish their room, we need to get a new car, we need to come up with names, we need to get all the baby boy clothes washed, sorted and organized, ahh! All the nesting things! But honestly, its all stuff that we can get finished and figured out later if needs be. I just can’t wait to meet these little men and especially to see what they look like. We worked so hard to get our little caboose and got a bonus caboose in the process! Does anyone know what the plural form of caboose is? Because that’s what we’ve got and I love them so much already!

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