Let’s Make a Deal…and Makeover a Nursery!

By Melissa

When planning to add another baby to our family, we knew that would mean changing rooms around. Our home has five bedrooms, but only three are actually used as rooms with beds in them. The plan was to move Jade to the room with the older two, and keep her room as the nursery. Now that is still the plan, but when twins were introduced into the equation, I just thought it would be fun to redo the nursery. I mean, after all, it still had pictures of baby Maren up from over six years ago! Whoopsies!

Once we found out we were having two boys, I knew we obviously needed to paint. But I also wanted to add something a little special to the room. And I kinda really wanted matching cribs. I know it is silly, especially since these are our last babies, but the crib we had is pretty chewed up (like literally, Jade chewed the wood) and just didn’t look fantastic. And I would just like something a little more modern and different than what was in there.

Philip, being Philip, thought that this was of course not essential and didn’t think we needed to be spending any additional time or money on it. He was okay with painting, but more than that was unnecessary in his mind. But he forgot that I am the master negotiator and was in for the surprise of his life when I proposed a deal.

The Deal

We hadn’t talked specifics, but he knew I wanted to change things up and redecorate the nursery. But probably the reason why we didn’t talk specifics, is because we were in the middle of an even bigger discussion/debate/disagreement about getting a new car. You see, he is as practical as the sky is blue, and I am as vain as can be. So we had gone to look at different cars and SUVs and couldn’t pull the trigger on anything because we just couldn’t agree. Philip thought we should get a van. A VAN, you guys. Like a mini van. Like, a mom mini van. I, of course, was opposed. Shocker.

After a few weeks, I finally decided to be a team player and reconsider a van. I thought and pouted and sulked and realized that it was going to be the best fit for our family’s needs. It was humbling to think of just how much of a fight I put up about my vanity, and then I realized that I also don’t spend sooooooo much time in my car. And with five kids, did I really think I would be constantly loading them all up to go places? NOPE. It is a mode of transportation, and a rather convenient one at that.

But then I started thinking about where I will be spending a lot of time. In my home. In the nursery. Rocking and feeding and caring for my babies. I wanted to be completely happy with that room. So I came up with a compromise. Philip got home from work one day and I said, “I have a deal to make with you. I will get a van…IF I can redo the nursery however I want!” Philip obviously agreed on the deal, and as he was nodding, I said, “That includes getting two new cribs.” TWO new cribs seemed silly to him since we already had one, but I insisted, “You’re getting a huge win here with the van, now let me buy two new cribs!” And that was the deal.

The Before

Like I previously mentioned, the before of this room hadn’t been touched in YEARS. We painted it pink before Maren was born, got it all decorated with pictures of her in her first year, and then did NOTHING for the next six years. Well, except take a bookcase out that I needed for the big kids’ room, leaving a weirdly placed remaining bookcase on the wall. It was looking rough, to be kind. But that also meant that I would have lot of room for improvement!

The room is big, thankfully, and I decided I wanted to do a wall treatment to add a little sparkle. I was debating on two different board and batten styles, one that would go 2/3 up the wall all the way around the room, and then one that would just be on one focal wall, but go floor to ceiling. I had issues with both, but ultimately decided on the one focal wall, taking it floor to ceiling, then painting it a dark, dramatic color. It was going to be good! (Or so I hoped!)

Also, if you ever want to obtain much more confidence than skill, start following Angela Rose Home on Instagram. She also has a blog where she posts tutorials. After watching her for a few months, I was convinced that this was something I could tackle!

The Construction Process

As I got started, I read and reread Angela’s tutorial on just how she did her wall so that I would know what to do for mine. First up was doing math. Ugh, this was not my favorite. I needed to buy enough backer board to cover the texture on the walls, and enough wood planks to make all the batten pieces.

I went and bought all the wood, glue, and other supplies, had my backer board cut at Home Depot to size, borrowed a miter saw, jig saw, nail gun and compressor, and recruited my cute sister to help me get started.

It went up fairly smoothly, but somehow even after measuring a million times, none of the sections are completely even and one row is at least an inch wider than all the others. Whoopsies! Good thing the babies won’t be measuring!

After getting the youngest down for a nap, making a few blocks for the older ones, and letting them watch far too many shows in a day, I got all of the wood done!

I was so so proud of myself at this point. Probably because I thought that it was mostly done! Ha! While I was able to knock this huge project out in a day, it then took me another MONTH to actually complete the walls! From this picture, I still had to wood-fill and sand all the holes and imperfections. Then caulk and wipe everything down. And while that doesn’t sound like a lot, Jade was still sleeping in here, so I couldn’t ever do it while she was taking a nap or anything, so progress was SLOW.

The Painting

Like I had said before, I wanted this wall to be dark. I had initially thought green, but then saw a picture of a black board and batten wall that blew my dang mind. Ultimately, I decided to go with green, (Black Evergreen by Behr) mainly because I might do the black on another wall in my house. 🙂 Another thing I wanted, was to use a paint sprayer for the wood. I wanted it to be a very smooth finish, and a paint sprayer was my answer for this. The problem is that I didn’t own one.

So I took it upon myself to read approximately 14 thousand reviews and blog posts by DIYers and asked friends who had them and considered my price point and a million other things. And I ended up with this Wagner Flexio 3000. Deciding factor being that I didn’t have to thin the paint, and it was under $200. I am hoping to use it again for a few other projects I have in mind, so I didn’t want to go so cheap that it feels disposable. But also with this being my first experience using a paint sprayer, I didn’t have anything to compare it to besides just a roller and a paint tray, so I was excited to try it!

The verdict: it’s pretty okay! I can tell it isn’t top of the line. But it also got the job done and I’ll use it again.

And back to the bedroom, LOOK AT THAT GREEN! It is dark and moody and sexy and I cannot get enough.

After getting the green up, I was obsessed, but also it was hard to get a real feel for it with the pink still on the other walls! So the next day, I taped off the green wall, and went to town spraying the rest of the room white (Solid Opal by Behr). I debated for a while whether or not to paint the ceiling too, and after a bit realized that if I kept wondering if I should do it, it probably meant that I should do it. Also, when else was I going to have plastic and drop cloths covering everything in the room? It just made sense to spray the ceiling too.

Truthfully, when it was all said and done, I probably should have just used the roller for the walls. I felt like I had to do so many coats (maybe it was my eyes playing tricks on me, but I kept imagining pink showing through), that it would have actually gone faster if I just rolled it. Also, the ceiling went relatively quickly, but the hose that sucks the paint into the gun was facing forward, meaning when I was pointing the sprayer up, it wasn’t getting paint. So I had to keep leveling it off and spraying in order to get paint back into the gun portion so I could spray the ceiling. Again, probably should have rolled. But, lesson learned, I’ll do it differently next time.

But guess what…IT’S DONE! I felt like up until I could get this project done and cleaned up, my life and house was utter chaos. I had tons of baby clothes that I had washed, baby gear that I had acquired and no where to put any of it! So now everything is very neatly organized in piles and heaps on the floor in the nursery.

The Numbers…So Far

Honestly, this project wasn’t terribly expensive. The wood, caulk, liquid nails, and wood filler for the focal wall was just under $150. I also bought paint samples so I could test a few colors, and that was another $11. Then the biggest chunk of the expenses was the paint sprayer and three gallons of paint, one green and two white. All of that came to over $330. So my final numbers for it all was $489.78. But remember that the paint sprayer is not necessarily exclusive to this project and I’ll be using it for other things. And that was almost $200. So really, if you wanted to do this project for cheaper, it could work! And it makes a BIG impact, if I say so myself.

So What’s Left?

So what’s left? Oh, you know, everything. Well not really, but it seems like it! I had my eye on cribs from Ikea that of course are out of stock. And I need to warm up the room with a rug, that I just can’t decide on. I would like curtains and haven’t even started to look. I don’t have any solid ideas for gussying up the bookcase yet. But! One thing I do know is that I will be using my digital print from Juniper Print Shop in here! I snagged this one in their last sale, not sure where I would use it, but having always loved it.

I just think it is so playful and cute and can’t wait to hang it with some other lovely prints to bring some personality to the room. So at least I have a little direction there! But other than that, I’ve got nothing! Ha! I’m sure it will all come together, it always does. The real question is if I can actually get it done before the twins are born?? (Spoiler, that’s a negative. 😂)

Anyway, let me know if you have any questions! I loved building this and have been so proud of myself knowing that I MADE THAT! Angela Rose always says, “Stop pinning. Start doing!” So I did! And I’m willing to help and share any info you may need! But maybe I don’t want to come help you actually build this until I’m not giant pregnant. 🙂

I know this isn’t a legit “reveal” post because it isn’t all perfectly put together and decorated in five minutes flat. However, this is real life. I thought I’d show you the step by step process so we can enjoy the little victories together! But stay tuned for when I can actually pull it all together!

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