Our 2021 Word(s)

I’ve never really been one to choose one word or a theme for a year. I usually have a list of four hundred and fifty-seven things that I want to get done and check off with exactness. But this year, maybe it is the mom of five kids thing, but I’m realizing this: I. Just. Can’t. I can’t do a ton of goals. I can’t have perfection. And that’s FINE.

I’m realizing I have such limited amounts of time and energy to put towards doing everything perfectly. I want to be able to do it all, but it just isn’t in the cards this year. So I have two options, I can decide to not do anything (something I’ve actually done my fair share of), or I can JUST START and I can make PROGRESS.


I decided this while I had too much thinking time on my hands while painting my kitchen. I have the personality type that I like to finish things. I’m not the type that has 900 unfinished projects all at the same time. Even when I was working as a hygienist, I loved at the end of my day when all of the patients on my schedule had been set complete, and I felt so accomplished for the day.

That’s how I roll in my normal life too. I don’t enjoy an unfinished project. I might take an entire month to do each little step slowly, but I rarely leave something half done. So if I just start things, I’ll be getting somewhere. And here’s the other thing, right now in my life, there is NEVER a good time to do things. 😂 If I waited until there was a perfect or even ideal time to try to get something done, or learn something new, or start a project, I’d be waiting for approximately 15 years. So why not just start now? Cue: me painting my kitchen cabinets.

Now I will say, starting my kitchen cabinets the week before Christmas truly was not my brightest move. And then we had the excellent idea to potty train our two year old the next week, while the kitchen was still a wreck. Oh, and Philip got sick that week too, which added an extra level of bonkers to the situation. But this is my life, a little insane all the time. And I don’t want to wait for the perfect time, because that elusive time just doesn’t exist.


I felt like this went hand in hand with our goals for the year. For our savings goals, our house project goals, outside goals…if we don’t hit our exact numbers, we are still making progress! “Perfect is the enemy of good,” according to Voltaire, and I feel that HARD. When I fixate so hard on trying to make something perfect, it hinders me from even starting and doing a good job.

So for this year, I’m just lowering the crap out of my expectations. It’s not exactly a mantra you’d see on a sign at Hobby Lobby, but hey, it works for me! I am going to be proud of myself and of us for taking steps forward, no matter how small, when it would be easier to stand still. Progress is huge, and the little steps add up to miles of growth and change.

So let’s do this! 2021, you are going to be a very mediocre year where I accomplish a couple things! How’s that for giving myself room to knock this out of the park?! 😜

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