Philip’s Birthday Fun Facts!

Or should we say, “phun phacts?”

Today is Philip’s birthday! Hooray! It is no secret that he is EVERYBODY’S favorite human around our house, and for good reason. He is the first to come to the rescue of any of us when things get a little hairy and make us cackle with laughter. We really don’t deserve him, he’s just the best.

And in honor of his birthday, I thought I’d share five fun facts about Philip so that you can learn a little more about our favorite guy.

1. If he could be anything, he’d be a movie critic.

Philip loves movies. Like LOOOOOOOOVES them. He has the best memory and can tell you who played what role in almost anything and then tell you who directed the movie too. And he can always figure out the mystery/plot twist/synopsis well before the end of the movie, which totally blows me away! But the really funny thing is that he’s not overly critical of movies either. Like if they have a garbage plot but some good action, he’s in. Case in point, he legitimately loves the Fast and Furious movies. He knows they are terrible, but CANNOT get enough of them. Another favorite? The Step Up movies. Terrible plots but seriously legit hip hop dancing and he is HERE. FOR. IT. It’s basically hilarious and ridiculous and amazing.

2. His favorite food…

PIZZA. Every day. Every time. No questions asked.

3. Philip is the youngest of eight kids.

And the really crazy thing about that is that all of his older siblings are sisters. So he is still referred to by his mom as “the boy” and his sisters get to call him the favorite brother. It is seriously so great that he never had to get used to “girl” things when we got married, like finding hair in the shower or stuff like that. The downside is that all of his sisters are crazy talented and good at cooking and baking so I just don’t even try to fill those shoes. Sorry babe.

4. He has great taste in music.

He is no respecter of genres and really does love a little bit of everything. If you were to listen to a playlist of his favorites on shuffle, you’d hear something like this: The Get Up Kids, Dear Evan Hansen the Broadway Musical, NSYNC, Jay-Z, Jimmy Eat World, 311, Skrillex, American Football, and then sprinkle in some random Screamo type songs and you’ve got it. The only thing he doesn’t love is country. But I can’t tell you how great it is to be married to someone who enjoys Justin Timberlake as much as I do. 🙂

5. Philip doesn’t have a huge travel bug.

Now that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love a good vacation, but he is never dreaming up the next vacation we should go on or place we should visit. Perhaps it’s because I kind of dominate in that category and he just goes along with it? But I’m pretty sure that you could stick him in a beach chair on Newport Beach for every vacation for the rest of his life and he’d be perfectly happy. Regardless, he’s such a good sport when I book flights to a new place or come up with a itinerary that I think we should follow. He just goes with the flow and has a good time.

Aaaaand that’s our Philip in a 1000 word nutshell! Not a day goes by that I’m not grateful that he was born! Happy birthday, Philip! 38 looks good on you!

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