So, I’m Pregnant!

By Philip…kidding, Melissa, obviously.

WHAT. A. TRIP! I am so happy that we finally were able to share with you our crazy exciting news! (If you missed it, I’m pregnant! With TWINS!) 

We wanted to share the process, but I was leery of doing it in real time. First of all, because I didn’t want to announce a pregnancy at four weeks. Not only because it would then feel like the most eternal, never-ending pregnancy, but also, I wanted to make sure everything was okay. And if things hadn’t been okay, I don’t know that I would have had the emotional or mental strength to be able to share those tender heartbreaks immediately. So we waited. Philip was ready to share basically ASAP, and I was the one that held it up. I will say, I felt so grateful but also a little guilty when people would say that they were praying for our success. But then I figured that prayers are prayers, and our babies and us could use them, even if they were worded a little differently than current circumstances would have suggested.

So do you want to hear the real time line? We called our doctor in January, like we reported. And luckily because we have had a history with them (and quite possibly because I’m Dr. Amols’s favorite patient) they were able to help us get started ASAP. Within a week of calling, they started me on birth control, we had done my initial blood work, and I was scheduled for the scan of my uterus the following week. I got started on estrogen at the end of January, checked my uterine lining the first week of February, and started the progesterone shots on February 12th. All of this to prepare me for the whirlwind of a transfer on February  17th! Man! Talk about jumping right in! 

Now originally we had thought to try to do the transfer in March or April. But as we got going, Philip asked what the difference was in a month or two? Because we were hoping to have this baby in 2020, we wanted to give my body as much time as possible. And since there was always the chance that the first transfer wouldn’t be successful, jumping right in would allow us time to try again if necessary, and still have a 2020 due date. Goodness, how grateful I am that he helped me with this logic! We are so thankful to have our first transfer be successful (like, kinda too successful), because not only do we not have to worry about doing another transfer, but have you heard of this thing called COVID 19??? We will get to that.

So let me finish this timeline. We did the transfer the week that we went to Louisiana. That was probably the smartest thing we could have done. We were so so busy for six days there, that aside from having to figure out time differences to make sure I did my shot as close to 9 pm AZ time as possible, and taking my estrogen twice a day, we really didn’t think much about the transfer! And even the days leading up to the trip (IVF transfer was on a Monday, we left on Thursday afternoon) I was so busy getting packed and everything ready that I couldn’t just get lost in my thoughts and think of anything and everything that could go wrong. So it was good. I’m so glad it ended up that way. 

This was in my in-law’s kitchen. I would try to zoom way in on our faces and put text over the background to try to make it less noticeable that it wasn’t our house.

We go back from Louisiana on a Wednesday night, on Thursday morning I worked, and then I stopped for my blood test on my way home. That was Thursday the 27th of February. Ta da! We continued with estrogen pills twice a day and the nightly shots, and I went for my first ultrasound on March 10th. That. Was. A. DAY!

My appointment was in the morning. My kids were on spring break so I had a niece come over and watch them while I went for my ultrasound. I started recording the ultrasound, but as soon as she said it was two babies, I was so shocked that I didn’t want to keep recording. The girls in the room with me were all cracking up because I was so surprised, and finally the ultrasound tech said, “Didn’t you put in two embryos?” And I replied, “Yes, but I didn’t think they would both stick!” Cue more laughter. 

After the appointment, I debated whether I should stop at Philip’s work and tell him or just send him a text. Part of me wanted to see his face, and the other part wanted to see what his text response would be. The option of waiting until that night to tell him wasn’t going to happen, I just couldn’t sit on that kind of information for that long without telling him! So I ended up texting him and asking if I could stop by and show him the ultrasound. When I walked up to the counter where he was, I just held out the ultrasound that clearly had two teeny babies in it, with the labels, “Baby A” and “Baby B,” his eyes about popped out of his head. He started laughing and said, “That’s crazy! How do you feel?” And my response? “Crazy!” 

I went home, went to work, and that night instead of having tons of time to talk about it, we had a meeting to finalize our will and estate planning documents. So at 10 pm, when we finally wrapped all that up, Philip was giving me my shot and in the video I asked him, “Philip Lindblom, how are you feeling?” And he said, “Words cannot explain…” We just laughed, because holy crap. TWINS!

Last ultrasound at New Direction!

And then two days later, the world basically shut down because of the Corona Virus. I had two more ultrasounds scheduled on March 16th and 27th, and when I asked the staff how everything was going at their office, they let me know that they had suspended all IVF treatments indefinitely. Goodness, what if we had waited a month?! Again, I am so grateful for the fact that we jumped in and did it in February.

And that basically brings us up to speed now. I have graduated to my normal OB and seen him twice already. I’ve had one ultrasound already to measure everything and check the growth of the babies and have another scheduled for later this week. And on top of that, at my regular OB visits, my doctor always does a quick ultrasound just to check heartbeats. So far, so good! I am 15 weeks and technically due the first week of November, but with twins, my doctor said I wouldn’t go past 38 weeks. Which, only one of my three other kids went that far, so who the heck knows what is going to happen?!?!

Anyway, thank you again for your support and excitement about all of this. We happy and scared and excited and stressed out, all at the same time! This is going to be quite the adventure/train wreck, and I can’t wait!

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