Sunday Share

By Melissa

Today we have a treat for you! We have a blog/website for some easy and productive reading, as well as a little eye candy for your Instagram feed! Let’s jump right in!

His and Her Money

I had mentioned this couple in our post on debt earlier this month, as they are so inspiring! They paid off the $300,000 mortgage on their house in FIVE years! What the what?! How is that even possible?! It’s possible when you set your mind to a plan and work you booty off to get there! And while we don’t necessarily have the same goal, we have decided to pay extra on our mortgage that will save us $70K and 12 years on ours!

Tai and Talaat McNeely have gone above and beyond with empowering couples to take charge of their finances. They have a ton of awesome articles, videos and even a podcast to help others win with money. Check them out! You will not be sorry.

Bia Blooms on Instagram

YOU GUYS. I have a serious crush on this Instagram account. I was lucky enough to discover her in early June when a lot of work by BIPOC were being highlighted. And good heavens, this girl has talent oozing out of her! She has the most incredible eye for arranging flowers and her creations are pure perfection.

They are often asymmetrical and unexpected and the colors blend perfectly together. They legitimately put a smile on my face when they come up in my feed. If you need more beauty and happiness in your days and Instagram feed (trust me, you do), you HAVE to give her a follow.

And don’t even get me started on her time lapse arrangement videos. She will often post videos of her putting these stunners together and it is so dang relaxing, I could honestly watch it ALLLLLL DAAAAAAAY. These photos are just a small sample of her skills! Please follow, it will truly make your day, every day!

And that’s it for this week! Two sources to provide amazing inspiration visually and financially! What more do we need than flowers and finances?? Basically nothing. 🙂 Hope you have a good week!

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