Sunday Share

By Melissa

Hi hi hi! Today is our first ever Sunday Share and we are excited!

A few weeks ago we mentioned that we wanted to start sharing some favorite blogs, websites, shops and podcasts with you, all of which we have found helpful. As we do this, we will be sure to include Black-owned businesses and resources, in order to better amplify their voices and help elevate their platforms. We feel it important to have diversity in our feeds and routines, and want to help you also!

So today, we are starting with a shop and a podcast, both of which are fantastic.

Because of Zoe Designs

A new bow shop for my girlies? Yes, please! I found this shop through the previously mentioned post from YoungHouseLove, and am IN LOVE! They have the cutest, quality bows and the woman that started it did it, because of Zoe, her own little girl! So sweet!

I was especially thrilled when I went to the website to see they have “Moving Bundles.” They are currently expanding their shop and trying to downsize their inventory before moving, which is good for them and us as customers! They have two different moving bundles, one that costs $25 for four bows, and one that costs $40 for eight bows. Now if you have ever bought bows from specialty bow shops, you know that this is a STEAL. To get bows for as low as $5 each is practically unheard of! The only catch? You don’t get to choose exactly what you get.

You can still choose headbands, clips, or a mix, and choose preferences of styles or colors, but they will surprise you with what they have in their inventory. So when I ordered, I requested piggy sets. I also said that we love blues, pinks and grays. And what did we get? Four piggy sets, with a set of blues and a set of pinks! We also got surprised with greens and golds, which are beautiful and I’m excited to add them to our collection.

And lastly, can we talk about how darling the branding is? The bow card has the cutest little illustrated girls, showing multiracial friends, and the little tagline along the opening for the bow clips says, “You will do great things.” Yes, my darlings, you will! I love the positivity, as well as the bows themselves, and will continue to follow and shop from here in the future!

Now you should go order, because I’m not sure how long this deal will last! And if there’s one thing I’m really really passionate about, it’s getting a good deal. 🙂

Choose FI Podcast

This is kind of where everything really took off for us. I’ve mentioned it before, but I had been listening to it for quite some time, and once Philip started listening too, that’s when our progress really escalated! The podcast hosts are down to earth and relatable and have an amazing spread of knowledge. On top of that, they bring on fantastic guests, which has helped broaden my exposure to many different podcasts and blogs of people of all different backgrounds, races, and experiences.

Many of the financial accounts and blogs that I now follow are those that I was introduced to from Choose FI. I have found there are certain personalities and budget styles that I really connect with, so it is nice to have a bit of a rolodex of sorts with their guest hosts. And of course to continually have new content and resources is always helpful!

Choose FI is also where I got a lot of our travel hacking knowledge. They have an awesome travel rewards course that is an absolute wealth of knowledge. It is pretty in depth and I’m still making my way through it! However, even as we’ve just dipped our toes in (or maybe I’m up to my waist or so) I’m still able to find ways to maximize our travel dollars and points. It has been just so helpful!

In general, it is where I would suggest almost anyone could start! Whether you have more time to listen and dive into the podcast, or want to read through articles on their blog, you will not be sorry.

Both of these resources are amazing!

We really are excited about both the shop and the podcast. Whether you are looking for a great deal on cute hair bows for you or your kids, or need to start a deep dive into your finances, we’ve got you covered this week!

We hope to continue to share and promote other blogs and businesses that complement ours and can be helpful for others, as they’ve been for us!

Philip and I were talking just this morning about how much we’ve enjoyed this blog. Granted, it’s a ton of work and time, but we love being able to help others. We have had friends and family members reach out to us with financial questions, and it lights us up to be able to help! Or when I got a text from someone letting me know that he just paid off his student loans, just because he knew I would really grasp the gravity of that huge accomplishment, it made my day!

One thing we have realized though, is how important community is. How important it is to lift others. How essential it is to be lifted and encouraged by others too! And we want to be a part of the success stories! We want to know when you’ve crushed a huge financial goal! Or when you feel like an absolute baller because you reduced your phone bill, or set up a budget, or made your first extra payment on a credit card! We know that everyone is in different financial positions, and we want you to know that we are proud of you, wherever you are. If you are making steps, no matter how big or small, we applaud you!

Thank you for being a part of our little community. We love the support we’ve gotten. We love being able to support you also! Please reach out if you need anything or just want to brag about your progress! 🙂 Just like the Because of Zoe tagline says, “YOU WILL DO GREAT THINGS!!!”

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