Twin Nursery Reveal

By Melissa

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When we last left off with the nursery, I was so thrilled that it was “done.” However, it was anything but that! I had finished the focal wall and finished painting, and that was basically it. It really had a long way to go. 

The Furniture

We were using everything we already had, with the exception of cribs. I just wanted something modern and simple, and since these are our last babies, I also didn’t want to spend a million dollars on them. I loved these natural wood ones from Ikea, and at $80 a piece, they fit the bill. The only problem? They were out of stock here in AZ. No biggie, I’ll take a quick road trip to California and grab them there! Wait, out of stock at all the Southern California stores too. Well crap. 

I signed up for email and text notifications for all the stores, but also obsessively checked the website to see if they were listed in stock. After a few weeks, they randomly were in stock here in town again! (Weird side note, I never got the email or text about them being in stock, so maybe don’t rely on that if you are looking for something at Ikea.) So I hustled on down there after work one day and loaded them in the back of my van. 

I took a picture because I thought it was hilarious that the deal Philip and I made was meeting in real life. I agreed to the van if I could get new cribs for the newly decorated nursery. And now here we were with the new cribs in our new van. Anyway, I got them home, and Philip assembled them and they are so perfect and cute!

All of the other furniture we were just using what we had. It was very white though, in front of white walls, so I needed to bring more color in. 

The Rug

I searched the internet (read: four websites 😉)  high and low for a colorful rug that wasn’t too girly, but also didn’t have lizards or tractors or something weird printed huge on it. 

I finally found one, ordered it, and had the wrong one delivered, only for the ridiculously long saga to end with it being out of stock and not being made anymore. It was so sad because I had really set my sights on the colors bringing the room together. 

Luckily, I found another one that I liked pretty well, and when I unrolled it in the room it was perfect. It brings in a lot of color without seeming loud. It is super soft and seriously made the room so cozy. Once I had ordered it, I was able to start bringing in other colors in the decor.

The Prints

I had mentioned on my last post on this room that really the only thing I had planned as far as decor goes was my Ferris print from Juniper Print Shop. I was so exited to use it but also needed something to go on another wall that would coordinate a bit. So I perused their website and found Sonnet which has the perfect mix of colors and is such a lovely little abstract. I bought the digital download and sent them both to Costco for printing. I kind of wish that I would have printed them a little bigger, but I already had 16×20 frames that I was wanting to use so I didn’t have to buy new ones. Regardless, I love these prints (as well as the older ones I already had that I used on the bookcase) and feel like they add so much to the room. 

The Rest

I had a day that I was just ready to pull the trigger on everything and get it all done! So I stopped debating and agonizing over every decision and just ordered all. the. things. 

I chose these curtains because I wanted a simple pattern to add variety to a very white wall, but I didn’t want something competing with the pattern in the rug. Also, I decided to try curtain rings, which I haven’t used before, to give a little length to the curtains and also to add more black finishes with this simple curtain rod. I love the gauzy pretty feel of the curtains, and I hung them pretty wide so that they make more of a statement on the wall. Since we already have shutters, we didn’t need them to block out light, so the fact that they are really sheer doesn’t bother me. It turned out so dreamy, I really love how the rod, rings and curtains all came together.

I also was trying to find some bedding that could add some variety and color but also wasn’t a typical crib bumper or even a quilt. I found some darling swaddle blankets with the cutest kind of boho prints and designs on them, but they were all in the $35-60 range EACH! Yeah, nope, that’s not going to work for me. So I finally had the idea to search for Turkish towels, which would give me the look I wanted and hopefully a better variety. Look what I found! Not only is it more what I wanted, but at a fraction of the price! So what are technically towels are acting as the cutest little throw blankets. And the best part is that they were each $11. (And they have lots of colors!)

The bookshelf needed some love so I basically just shopped my house looking for things to repurpose or reuse. I had a couple baskets (one I spray painted black) and some frames, then went to IKEA for a few other odds and ends. 

I also made a quick stop at Home Depot to grab some plants. When I was trying to figure out what to add to the dresser, I didn’t want more tchotchkes or clutter. In addition to that, I just love plants. 😍 So got a few little plants and moved my big snake plant I’ve had for years in there and it was the perfect way to finish the room! 

The Grand Total

So how much did I spend on this room that didn’t technically need to be redone? Well let’s look at the totals. I had mentioned that the focal wall cost about $500, but $200 of that was the paint sprayer that we will be using for other projects. So let’s call that wall and all the paint $300.

The cribs from Ikea came to a total of $180, plus another $45 from there in the form of frames, accessories, plants and pots.

The rug was about $190 from Overstock, which ended up being cheaper than the one I had originally ordered.

I spent $20 on new plants at Home Depot.

$16 at Costco on the prints from Juniper Print Shop, and $21 on the Sonnet digital download. The Ferris digital download I already had from last year when I got it on sale, so do I count it? Like I didn’t spend it right now, but I had bought it previously thinking it would be fun in a kids’ room. Hmm, okay, I’ll count it. It was $13. It really doesn’t affect our bottom line that much, but I’m just trying to get an accurate picture of the total.

Curtains, curtain rod and the rings came to a little under $100, plus another $35ish for the throw blankets (towels) and new white crib sheets.

So in total, we are looking at over $900 for the room. I should also add that I had a couple of very generous gift cards from my coworkers and boss as going away gifts that ate into a big chunk of it. Also, the fact that the cost was spread out over the course of several months made the total a little easier to palate.

But to be completely honest, that is more than I thought I spent! It is crazy how $200 here and $30 there add up so quickly when you put it all together. 😬 However, I will also say that it was so worth it to me. I love how it turned out, and it feels so homey and cozy in there. I’m also glad that we got to do something special just for these little boys. With them being our last babies, they will inevitably get a lot of hand-me-down clothes, toys, etc., so for them to have a brand new space just for them is perfect.

And I have to admit, I thought the space still needed a little something special, even after I finished the decor. It turns out, it was just missing them. Welcome home, Emmett and Anders. We love having you here.

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